Recaro Seats

Recaro Sitze

For the installation of the seats, a suitable seat bracket for the respective vehicle model is required. For the seats Pole Position ABE and N.G., Profi SPG, Pro Racer, P1300GT and GT LW as well as Podium additional adapters are needed.


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Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0885Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0885
Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0184ARecaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0184A
Recaro Pole Position N.G. FIA 070.98.0193Recaro Pole Position N.G. FIA 070.98.0193
Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0351Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0351
Recaro Sportster CS Nürburgring Edition 410.10.1B20 410.10.2B20Recaro Sportster CS Nürburgring Edition 410.10.1B20 410.10.2B20
Recaro Podium 079.01.1B21, 079.01.2B21, 079.02.1B21, 079.02.2B21Recaro Podium 079.01.1B21, 079.01.2B21, 079.02.1B21, 079.02.2B21
Recaro Cross Sportster CS 414.00.2132 414.00.1132Recaro Cross Sportster CS 414.00.2132  414.00.1132
Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1351 410.00.2351Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1351 410.00.2351
Recaro Pole Position N.G. FIA 070.98.0184Recaro Pole Position N.G. FIA 070.98.0184
Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1132 410.00.2132Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1132 410.00.2132
Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1575 410.00.2575Recaro Sportster CS 410.00.1575 410.00.2575
Recaro Sport C Leather White / Dinamica Black (3-Door)
Recaro Profi SPG 070.91.032Recaro Profi SPG 070.91.032
Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B25Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B25
Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0422Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0422
Recaro Pole Position ABE Carbon 071.48.0422Recaro Pole Position ABE Carbon 071.48.0422
Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0B36Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0B36
Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0886Recaro Pole Position ABE 070.77.0886
Recaro Cross Sportster CS 414.00.1351 414.00.2351Recaro Cross Sportster CS 414.00.1351 414.00.2351
Recaro Speed 295.070.637 295.070.583ARecaro Speed 295.070.637 295.070.583A
Recaro Profi SPG XL Perlonvelours BlackRecaro Profi SPG XL Perlonvelours Black
Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B27Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B27
Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B28Recaro Pole Position Classic 087.00.0B28
Recaro Style Topline XL Leather Black